To revolutionize the Iraqi market by creating a market for premium business services through which the commercial exchange of products and services will be met with an essential focus on a positive end-user experience. We create brands with genuine personalities which define a deep mutual relationship among Brand/Stake-holders/Management/Employees/Customers/Products/Competitors/etc...

We believe a brand's products, sales process and marketing campaigns are a natural extension of these predefined values and principles. As humans, we are most effectively moved by genuine activity (whether product creation, CSR marketing campaign, etc...) where the actions of the person (or brand) are aligned with their principles. When products and campaigns are aligned with genuine values and principles, the customer's emotional experience grows exponentially.

Becorp is a Canadian registered company with exclusive operations in the Iraqi landscape, co-founded by an Iraqi-Canadian with extensive experience in operating a wide scope of businesses on the ground in Iraq since 2008. Our other businesses achieved nearly 9-digit revenues for 2014, of which more than 90% of our sales were made to the private sector.

With first hand experience in strategically developing products and solutions in the Iraqi market, we subtly embed your products into memorable stories with a deep emotional experience, resulting in a natural sales and marketing mechanism which allows a natural process for the building of a solid foundation and rapport with your loyal customer base.

We offer tailored corporate solutions for businesses, we don't believe in template solutions. Every customer will go through a unique experience defined by their vision for the business and their personality. Our solutions are flavored with a marketing strategy resembling a natural extension of your brand's core values & principles, making the user-experience exponentially more emotional and memorable. Our services are exclusively limited to Branding, Brand Consulting, PR Consulting, Strategy & Marketing Consulting, Market Research & Surveying.

In business we commonly hear the phrase "it's the secret of the trade" used when talking about how a success story came about. For many businesses the mechanism and strategy which drove to their success is something they cherish and do their utmost to keep secret.

As a consultancy firm, we develop and deliver strategic tools tailored to driving your success, leading to achieving your business vision. We are the hidden guidance behind your success. We believe you have the exclusive rights of priding yourself in achieving your vision without any outside help. We are your secret to success and no one needs to know what our role was in driving that success.


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